URGENT: Time is running out for Senator Schumer to schedule a vote on S. 2992 and S. 2710, antitrust bills to rein in tech monopoly abuses.

Big Tech giants are violating our rights and undermining our democracy. And because they abuse their monopoly power to stifle competition, many of us don’t have other choices. Fortunately, U.S. Congress has finally introduced legislation to put people back in control of tech. Tell your elected officials to pass antitrust reform legislation and stop Big Tech from dominating our lives.
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John Oliver on Tech Monopolies

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The Bills

  • "The Open App Markets Act [OAMA, H.R. 7030, S. 2710] would protect developers’ rights to tell consumers about lower prices and offer competitive pricing; protect sideloading of apps; open up competitive avenues for startup apps, third party app stores, and payment services; make it possible for developers to offer new experiences that take advantage of consumer device features; give consumers more control over their devices; prevent app stores from disadvantaging developers; and set safeguards to continue to protect privacy, security, and safety of consumers." — Sponsors' press release
    Read the bill
  • "The American Innovation and Choice Online Act [AICOA, H.R. 3816, S. 2992] would … [prevent] dominant platforms from abusing their gatekeeper power by favoring their own products or services, disadvantaging rivals, or discriminating among businesses that use their platforms in a manner that would materially harm competition on the platform, [for example by] preventing another business’s product or service from interoperating with the dominant platform or another business; [by] requiring a business to buy a dominant platform’s goods or services for preferred placement on its platform; [by] misusing a business’s data to compete against them; [or by] biasing search results in favor of the dominant firm." —Sponsor's press release
    Read the bill

Join Antitrust Summer!

This summer, companies, nonprofits, and individuals are uniting in support of antitrust bills S. 2992 and S. 2710. We're explaining these bills to our audiences and—most importantly—mobilizing calls and emails from constituents to their members of Congress. Here's how you can help.

Step 1 Sign on

Whether you're a business, an organization, or a regular Internet user, it matters that you take action.


To participate, make a public statement explaining your support (i.e. on your blog or in a Twitter thread). Then, encourage your users to contact Congress via an email, a notification, or a high-traffic link in your website or product.

Civil Society Orgs

To participate, make a public statement explaining your support and place a prominent banner on your site linked to an email/call Congress action. (We can help with this!) If you have an email list, please email the same call to action to your members.


You're the most important piece of all of this. Contact Congress, then help spread the word wherever you have reach.

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